Installed Apps

Flutter plugin with utility methods related to installed apps on device. (Currently only Android is supported.)

Getting Started

  1. Installation Guide
  2. Example

Get list of installed apps

List<AppInfo> apps = await InstalledApps.getInstalledApps(bool excludeSystemApps, bool withIcon, String packageNamePrefix);

*Use packageNamePrefix to filter for apps that have package name starting with certain prefix.

Get app info with package name

AppInfo app = await InstalledApps.getAppInfo(String packageName);

Start app with package name

InstalledApps.startApp(String packageName)

Open app settings screen (App Info) with package name

InstalledApps.openSettings(String packageName)

Check if app is system app

bool isSystemApp = await InstalledApps.isSystemApp(String packageName)