Image crop for insta_assets_picker package

image_crop insta_assets_picker

Warning This repository is a fork from image_crop and was modified to work with insta_assets_picker package. This means that this repository will only be updated for the means of this package. I don't recommend using it in your project as it probably won't be updated except for the insta_assets_picker requirement.


Contains all the changes needed in order to work with the insta_assets_picker library :

  • #75: fix sample image on android
  • #77: disable initial magnification
  • #95: new disableResize parameter
  • #96: new backgroundColor parameter
  • #97: new placeholderWidget & onLoading parameters
  • #98: new initialParam parameter to initialize view programmatically
  • f34bfef: fix issue on aspect ratio change, no PR made because it might not be the best fix
  • 8fb0bc0: fix issue with GIF, no PR for this yet since it is specific to GIF extended image provider


Thanks to lykhonis who developed image_crop. If the original package happen to be updated, this could be deleted.