inject_annotation library

A DI framework for Dart


Annotates an abstract class used as a blueprint to generate an Component.
Provides instances of T.
INTERNAL ONLY: Might be exposed if we add flags or other properties.
A reserved name that can be used alongside a provides annotation to further specify the key.


assisted → const Assisted
Annotates a parameter for an assisted injection constructor.
assistedFactory → const AssistedFactory
Annotates an abstract class used to create an instance of a type via an AssistedInject constructor.
assistedInject → const AssistedInject
Annotates a class or the constructor of a class that will be created via assisted injection.
asynchronous → const Asynchronous
Annotates a module provider method that returns a Future.
component → const Component
An annotation to mark something as an Component with no included modules.
inject → const Inject
Annotation for a method (in an Component), class, or constructor that provides an instance.
module → const Module
Annotates a class as a collection of providers for dependency injection.
provides → const Provides
Annotation for a method (in an module).
singleton → const Singleton
An injectable class or module provider that provides a single instance.