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Infinite Scroll Pagination

Unopinionated, extensible and highly customizable package to help you lazily load and display small chunks of items as the user scrolls down the screen – known as infinite scrolling pagination, endless scrolling pagination, auto-pagination, lazy loading pagination, progressive loading pagination, etc.

Designed to feel like part of the Flutter framework.

Example Project


By (step-by-step, hands-on, in-depth, and illustrated).


class BeerListView extends StatefulWidget {
  _BeerListViewState createState() => _BeerListViewState();

class _BeerListViewState extends State<BeerListView> {
  static const _pageSize = 20;

  final PagingController<int, BeerSummary> _pagingController =
      PagingController(firstPageKey: 0);

  void initState() {
    _pagingController.addPageRequestListener((pageKey) {

  Future<void> _fetchPage(int pageKey) async {
    try {
      final newItems = await RemoteApi.getBeerList(pageKey, _pageSize);
      final isLastPage = newItems.length < _pageSize;
      if (isLastPage) {
      } else {
        final nextPageKey = pageKey + newItems.length;
        _pagingController.appendPage(newItems, nextPageKey);
    } catch (error) {
      _pagingController.error = error;

  Widget build(BuildContext context) => 
      // Don't worry about displaying progress or error indicators on screen; the 
      // package takes care of that. If you want to customize them, use the 
      // [PagedChildBuilderDelegate] properties.
      PagedListView<int, BeerSummary>(
        pagingController: _pagingController,
        builderDelegate: PagedChildBuilderDelegate<BeerSummary>(
          itemBuilder: (context, item, index) => BeerListItem(
            beer: item,

  void dispose() {

For more usage examples, please take a look at our cookbook or check out the example project.


API Overview

API Diagram