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A growing collection of widgets primarily used to step-through various steps/widgets in an application.


A number of applications require to show steps to its users, for example, an app surveying its users require to display the step that the user is on while the user is filling up the survey form. This is where im_stepper comes into play with easy to use stepper widgets that may find its uses in myriad applications.

Simply import package:im_stepper/stepper.dart and choose any of the following steppers appropriate for your application:


A simple to use icon stepper widget, wherein, each icon defines a step. Hence, total number of icons define total number of steps. Primarily designed to show steps as icons.

Usage Note

  • Important: IconStepper direction argument controls whether the stepper is displayed horizontally or vertically. A horizontal IconStepper can be wrapped within a Column with no issues, however, if wrapped within a row it must also be wrapped within the built-in Expanded widget. Same applies for the vertical IconStepper.

  • IconStepper fires the onStepReached(int index) callback, which provides the index of the Step that is reached. This callback can be used to control the widget that appears when a certain step is reached.

  • To customize the color, border, etc. of an IconStepper, simply wrap it inside a Container and specify the decoration argument.

  • To enable validation before the next step is reached, set the steppingEnabled property to an appropriate value in a StatefulWidget.


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