IHealthService class

The IHealthService class provides methods for authenticating a user, retrieving blood pressure, weight, and heart rate data from the iHealth API.




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toString() String
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operator ==(Object other) bool
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Static Methods

authorize({required IHealthAuthUrl authUrl, required String redirectScheme}) Future<IHealthCredential>
The authorize function in Dart is used to authenticate a user using a provided authentication URL and redirect scheme, and returns an IHealthCredential object.
getBpByUserId({required IHealthDataUrl iHealthBpUrl, required int pageIndex}) Future<IHealthBpResponse>
The function getBpByUserId makes a POST request to a specified URL and returns a response containing blood pressure data.
getHeartRateByUserId({required IHealthDataUrl iHealthHRtUrl, required int pageIndex}) Future<IHealthHeartRateResponse>
The function getHeartRateByUserId makes a POST request to a specified URL and returns a response containing heart rate data.
getWeightByUserId({required IHealthDataUrl iHealthWeightUrl, required int pageIndex}) Future<IHealthWeightResponse>
The function getWeightByUserId retrieves weight data for a user based on their ID using a POST request.
refreshToken({required IHealthAuthUrl iHealthAuthUrl, required String refreshToken}) Future<IHealthCredential>