Huawei Map Flutter Plugin version

Huawei Map Kit, provides standard maps as well as UI elements such as markers, shapes, and layers for you to customize maps that better meet service scenarios. Enables users to interact with a map in your app through gestures and buttons in different scenarios.

Huawei Map Kit provides the following core capabilities:

  • Huawei Map: Core map component with tons of features.
  • My Location: Your location on the map.
  • Markers: Adding markers on the map with tons of modifications with their InfoWindow component.
  • Polylines: Adding polylines on the map with tons of modifications.
  • Polygons: Adding polygons on the map with tons of modifications.
  • Circles: Adding circles on the map with tons of modifications.
  • Ground Overlays: Adding ground overlays on the map with tons of modifications.
  • Tile Overlays: Adding tile overlays on the map with tons of modifications.

This plugin enables communication between Huawei Map Kit SDK and Flutter platform. It exposes all functionality provided by Huawei Map Kit SDK.

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Questions or Issues

If you have questions about how to use HMS samples, try the following options:

  • Stack Overflow is the best place for any programming questions. Be sure to tag your question with huawei-mobile-services.
  • Github is the official repository for these plugins, You can open an issue or submit your ideas.
  • Huawei Developer Forum HMS Core Module is great for general questions, or seeking recommendations and opinions.
  • Huawei Developer Docs is place to official documentation for all HMS Core Kits, you can find detailed documentations in there.

If you run into a bug in our samples, please submit an issue to the GitHub repository.


Huawei Map Kit Flutter Plugin is licensed under Apache 2.0 license