addAll method Null safety

  1. @override
void addAll(
  1. Iterable<Node> collection

Appends all objects of iterable to the end of this list.

Extends the length of the list by the number of objects in iterable. The list must be growable.


void addAll(Iterable<Node> collection) {
  // Note: we need to be careful if collection is another NodeList.
  // In particular:
  //   1. we need to copy the items before updating their parent pointers,
  //     _flattenDocFragments does a copy internally.
  //   2. we should update parent pointers in reverse order. That way they
  //      are removed from the original NodeList (if any) from the end, which
  //      is faster.
  final list = _flattenDocFragments(collection);
  for (var node in list.reversed) {