Horizontal Compass

At first - it's not a regular compass, but because I wasn't able to think of better name... Well, this plugin creates something like horizontal ruler, but idea behind was to use it as a tool for navigation in the app I had to make.

How does it looks like?

Getting Started

It's a simple widget, so no permissions are required. Just type in the terminal:

flutter pub add horizontal_compass

and enjoy the happiness.


Full example you can see in the Example tab, but that's a shorthand:

  value: 10,
  segments: {
    'segmentA': 30,
    'segmentB': 50,
    'segmentC': 120,
    'segmentD': 160,
  colors: [

Widget requires 3 variables to be set:

  • value - which represents current value
  • segments - a Map<String, double> which tells widget how large are segments, in a Map, String is for a name for segment, double for its length, so in given example it means: segment a should covers value 0 to 30, segment b values 30 to 80, etc.
  • colors - is a List<Color> for created segments, so in given example segment a is blue, segment b purple, etc.


Widget allows you to customize its look and behavior.

Field Default value Description
spacing 15.0 Defines space between the ruler lines.
width null Allows to determine widget width, if null it'll cover all possible space.
height 30.0 Widget height.
start 0.0 Initial value.
end 360.0 Last value.
type HorizontalCompassType.finite Determines main behavior of the widget. Type finite presents widget from start to the end value, while type infinite makes it loop.
rulerPosition HorizontalCompassRulerPosition.center Determines how ruler lines are positioned to each other.
cursorColor Colors.transparent Color of the central point of a widget.
cursorWidth 5.0 Width of the central point of a widget.
lineWidth 2.0 Set width for a single line.
markPosition 5 Determines which line should have increased height.
value required Current value of the widget.
segments required Map with segments values.
colors required List of colors to be set for each segment.