hello plugin package

Integrate the functions of multiple plug-ins for daily use.

Get platform version for Android

Get the release and sdk versions of the platform.

Get device space for Android

Get the information about free, used and total storage or memory space.

Package Manager for Android

This plugin offers the ability of android's PackageManager. You can retrieve the app name, app launcher icon through this package with its package name. The package should be installed on a device.

How to use

See the ./example and ./lib folders for the details.

Get Space Info

// Import package
import 'package:hello_plugin_package/hello_plugin_package.dart';

// Access storage space
Future<int> _getStorageTotalSpace() async {
  return await HelloPluginPackage.getStorageTotalSpace;

Future<int> _getStorageFreeSpace() async {
  return await HelloPluginPackage.getStorageFreeSpace;

Future<int> _getStorageUsedSpace() async {
  return await HelloPluginPackage.getStorageUsedSpace;

// Access memory space
Future<int> _getMemoryTotalSpace() async {
  return await HelloPluginPackage.getMemoryTotalSpace;

Future<int> _getMemoryFreeSpace() async {
  return await HelloPluginPackage.getMemoryFreeSpace;

Future<int> _getMemoryUsedSpace() async {
  return await HelloPluginPackage.getMemoryUsedSpace;

Get package information from the package name

import 'package:hello_plugin_package/hello_plugin_package.dart';

/// ... other codes

Future<PackageInfo> getPackageInfoByPackageName() async {
  final PackageInfo info =
    await HelloPluginPackage.getPackageInfoByPackageName('com.facebook.katana');
  return info;

PackageInfo class contains packageName, appName and appIconByteArray. appIconByteArray is an array of base64 byte image of app icon. You can get flutter's Image widget icon by appIcon getter. If the app is not installed, than null is returned.

Get package names of the all applications installed on the device

import 'package:hello_plugin_package/hello_plugin_package.dart';

/// ... other codes

Future<List> getInstalledPackageNames() async {
  // All apps including system apps
  List packages = await HelloPluginPackage.getInstalledPackageNames();

  // Apps installed by user
  List userInstalledPackages = await HelloPluginPackage.getUserInstalledPackages();
  return packages;

getUserInstalledPackages on Android 11 is limit. You should declaration android.permission.QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission.