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test pub package License: MIT

Widgets and functions to implement hashTag decorated text.

Detects the words start with # like a Twitter.



  • As TextField

You can use HashTagTextField to decorate input text.

    decoratedStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 14, color:,
    basicStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 14, color:,

decoratedStyle is the textStyle of tagged text. basicStyle is for untagged text.

Other arguments are basically same as those of material TextField

  • As ReadOnlyText

If you want to decorate the text only to display, HashTagText will help you.

        text: "#Welcome to #hashtagable \n This is #ReadOnlyText",
        decoratedStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 22,,
        basicStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 22,,
        onTap: (text) {

The argument onTap(String) is called when user tapped a hashTag.

You can add some actions in this callback with the tapped hashTag.

Customize with useful functions

  • Check if the text has hashTags
   print(hasHashtags("Hello #World")); 
   // true
   print(hasHashtags("Hello World"));
   // false
  • Extract hashTags from text
   final List<String> hashTags = extractHashTags("#Hello World #Flutter Dart #Thank you");
   // ["#Hello", "#Flutter", "#Thank"]


  • DetectableTextField is published as a refinement of this package. hashtagale forces you to use hashtag, but this one allows you to detect anything you want.

  • If you also want to decorate At sign, you can do that by adding the argument decorateAtSign: true.

        text: "#Hello World @flutter_developers",
        decoratedStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 14,,
        basicStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 14,,
        onTap: (text) {
        decorateAtSign: true,

Then HashTagText and HashtagTextField come to decorate the words start with # or @.

  • The decoration rules are almost same as twitter. It does not decorate the tags which contain emoji or symbol. It needs space before # (or @) to decorate.
  • Supported Languages are English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Norwegian and German.

If you have any requests or questions, please feel free to ask on github.

Contributors: Santa Takahashi, Matheus Perez, Marcel Schneider, Ho Kim, Burak

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