The web implementation of google_sign_in


Import the package

To use this plugin, follow the plugin installation instructions.

Remember that for web plugins you need to depend both on the "native" version that provides the Dart interface that you'll use in your app), and the "web" version, that provides the implementation of the plugin for the web platform.

This is what the above means to your pubspec.yaml:

  google_sign_in: ^4.0.14
  google_sign_in_web: ^0.8.0

Web integration

First, go through the instructions here to create your Google Sign-In OAuth client ID.

On your web/index.html file, add the following meta tag, somewhere in the head of the document:

  <meta name="google-signin-client_id" content="">

Read the rest of the instructions if you need to add extra APIs (like Google People API).

Use the plugin

Add the following import to your Dart code:

import 'package:google_sign_in/google_sign_in.dart';

Initialize GoogleSignIn with the scopes you want:

GoogleSignIn _googleSignIn = GoogleSignIn(
  scopes: [

Full list of available scopes.

You can now use the GoogleSignIn class to authenticate in your Dart code, e.g.

Future<void> _handleSignIn() async {
  try {
    await _googleSignIn.signIn();
  } catch (error) {


Find the example wiring in the Google sign-in example application.

API details

See the google_sign_in.dart for more API details.

Issues and feedback

Please file issues to send feedback or report a bug. Thank you!





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Utility methods to efficiently manipulate typed JSInterop objects in cases where the name to call is not known at runtime. You should only use these methods when the same effect cannot be achieved with @JS annotations. These methods would be extension methods on JSObject if Dart supported extension methods.