google_cloud library


Allows logging at a specified severity.


cloudTraceContextHeader → const String
Standard header used by Cloud Trace.
defaultListenPort → const int
The default port a service should listen on if portEnvironmentKey is not set.
gcpProjectIdEnvironmentVariables → const Set<String>
A set of typical environment variables that are likely to represent the current Google Cloud project ID.
portEnvironmentKey → const String
The standard environment variable for specifying the port a service should listen on.


badRequestMiddleware → Middleware
Adds logic which catches BadRequestException, logs details to stderr and returns a corresponding Response.
no setter
currentLogger RequestLogger
Returns the current RequestLogger.
no setter


cloudLoggingMiddleware(String projectId) → Middleware
Return Middleware that logs errors using Google Cloud structured logs and returns the correct response. Log messages of type Map are logged as structured logs (jsonPayload). All other logs messages are logged as text logs (textPayload).
computeProjectId() Future<String>
A convenience wrapper that first tries projectIdFromEnvironment then (if the value is null) tries projectIdFromMetadataServer
createLoggingMiddleware({String? projectId}) → Middleware
Convenience Middleware that handles logging depending on projectId.
listenPort() int
Returns the port to listen on from environment variable or uses the default 8080.
projectIdFromEnvironment() String?
Returns the Project ID for the current Google Cloud Project by checking the environment variables in gcpProjectIdEnvironmentVariables.
projectIdFromMetadataServer() Future<String>
Returns a Future that completes with the Project ID for the current Google Cloud Project by checking project metadata.
serveHandler(Handler handler) Future<void>
Serves handler on InternetAddress.anyIPv4 using the port returned by listenPort.
waitForTerminate() Future<void>
Returns a Future that completes when the process receives a ProcessSignal requesting a shutdown.

Exceptions / Errors

Thrown if a service is configured incorrectly.
When thrown in a Handler, configured with badRequestMiddleware or similar, causes a response with statusCode to be returned.