What is God’s Eye ?

God’s Eye is used to collect data from your testers before release or your actual users after release.
The collected data include Location, Device information, Application Usage, In-App Feedback, etc.

Before using this package, you need to create a account in God's Eye.
To know about the compleate process read this Medium Blog.

Getting started

Step 1: Add the dependencies

    sdk: flutter
  gods_eye: "<newest version>"

Step 2: Import gods_eye.dart

import 'package:gods_eye/gods_eye.dart';

Network permission must be added for Android and IOS.
Location permission for Android and IOS must be added to access the location.

Step 3: Make a function

Make this function in your main.dart file.
The parameter godsEyeID: The God’s Eye ID you have in your Dashboard.

  firstFunction() async {
    GodsEye godsEye = GodsEye(godsEyeID: '###############');
    await godsEye.start();

Step 4: Call the function

The function must to be called in the void initState() of the Home Screen or the first Screen.

  void initState() {

Step 5: God’s Eye Feedback

Call the Screen GodsEyeFeedback() where you need to get feedback from the user.

onPressed: () {
    MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context) {
      return GodsEyeFeedback();

To view the compleate main.dart file, click here