Redirection topic

Redirection changes the location to a new one based on application state. For example, redirection can be used to display a sign-in screen if the user is not logged in.

A redirect is a callback of the type GoRouterRedirect. To change incoming location based on some application state, add a callback to either the GoRouter or GoRoute constructor:

redirect: (BuildContext context, GoRouterState state) {
  if (AuthState.of(context).isSignedIn) {
    return '/signin';
  } else {
    return null;

To display the intended route without redirecting, return null or the original route path.

Top-level vs route-level redirection

There are two types of redirection:

  • Top-level redirection: Defined on the GoRouter constructor. Called before any navigation event.
  • Route-level redirection: Defined on the GoRoute constructor. Called when a navigation event is about to display the route.

Named routes

You can also redirect using Named routes.


  • You can specify a redirectLimit to configure the maximum number of redirects that are expected to occur in your app. By default, this value is set to 5. GoRouter will display the error screen if this redirect limit is exceeded (See the Error handling topic for more information on the error screen.)


GoRoute Get started Configuration Redirection Transition animations Named routes
A route that is displayed visually above the matching parent route using the Navigator.
GoRouter Get started Upgrading Configuration Navigation Redirection Web Deep linking Named routes Error handling
The route configuration for the app.