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glopos is a UI library which allows you to create visual effects which leverage a Scene of SceneElements and Windows into that Scene.

A Scene is a Widget that establishes a coordinate system for SceneElements and provides a collection of SceneElements in this coordinates system to the Windows in it's subtree.

SceneElements are layed out in the Scene but do not provide a visual representation. That is the role of the WindowDelegate. Every Window has a WindowDelegate which is responsible for providing a visual representation for each SceneElement. Two Windows can have distinct WindowDelegates which represent the overall Scene in a completely different way.

A Window is Widget which can be positioned anywhere in the subtree of a Scene though the normal Flutter layout system. It's position relative to the Scene coordinate system determines which part of the Scene is visible through it.

Prebuilt effects

The library also contains effects built on top of the core components.


Illuminate parts of the UI through a globally positioned spotlight.

Spotlight Demo

Getting Started

Get started by playing with the examples and by taking a look at their source code (examples contain links). The example app has been built for the web and can be opened in any browser.