GitHub for Dart


This is a library for interacting with GitHub in Dart. It works on all platforms including web, server, and Flutter. Please submit issues and pull requests, help out, or just give encouragement.

Notice: We are looking for contributors. If you're interested or have questions, join the chat at


  • Works on the Server, Browser, and Flutter
  • Really Fast
  • Plugable API
  • Supports Authentication
  • Builtin OAuth2 Flow
  • Hook Server Helper

Getting Started

First, add the following to your pubspec.yaml:

  github: ^5.0.0

Then import the library

For the browser use:

import 'package:github/browser.dart';

and for the server or Flutter use:

import 'package:github/server.dart';

and then use it:


import 'package:github/browser.dart';

void main() async {
  /* Create a GitHub Client */
  var github = createGitHubClient();

  /* or Create a GitHub Client using an auth token */
  var github = createGitHubClient(auth: new Authentication.withToken("YourTokenHere"));  

  Repository repo = await github.repositories.getRepository(new RepositorySlug("user_or_org", "repo_name"));
  /* Do Something with repo */

Contacting Us

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