GitService class Null safety

The GitService handles communication with git related methods of the GitHub API.

API docs:



GitService(GitHub github)


github GitHub
final, inherited
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createBlob(RepositorySlug slug, CreateGitBlob blob) Future<GitBlob>
Creates a blob with specified blob content. [...]
createCommit(RepositorySlug slug, CreateGitCommit commit) Future<GitCommit>
Creates a new commit in a repository. [...]
createReference(RepositorySlug slug, String ref, String? sha) Future<GitReference>
Creates a new reference in a repository. [...]
createTag(RepositorySlug slug, CreateGitTag tag) Future<GitTag>
Creates a new tag in a repository. [...]
createTree(RepositorySlug slug, CreateGitTree tree) Future<GitTree>
Creates a new tree in a repository. [...]
deleteReference(RepositorySlug slug, String ref) Future<bool>
Deletes a reference. [...]
editReference(RepositorySlug slug, String ref, String? sha, {bool force = false}) Future<GitReference>
Updates a reference in a repository. [...]
getBlob(RepositorySlug slug, String? sha) Future<GitBlob>
Fetches a blob from slug for a given sha. [...]
getCommit(RepositorySlug slug, String? sha) Future<GitCommit>
Fetches a commit from slug for a given sha. [...]
getReference(RepositorySlug slug, String ref) Future<GitReference>
Fetches a reference from a repository for the given ref. [...]
getTag(RepositorySlug slug, String? sha) Future<GitTag>
Fetches a tag from the repo given a SHA. [...]
getTree(RepositorySlug slug, String? sha, {bool recursive = false}) Future<GitTree>
Fetches a tree from a repository for the given ref sha. [...]
listReferences(RepositorySlug slug, {String? type}) Stream<GitReference>
Lists the references in a repository. [...]
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