GistsService class Null safety

The GistsService handles communication with gist methods of the GitHub API.

API docs:



GistsService(GitHub github)


github GitHub
final, inherited
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createComment(String gistId, CreateGistComment request) Future<GistComment>
Creates a comment for a gist. [...]
createGist(Map<String, String> files, {String? description, bool public = false}) Future<Gist>
Creates a Gist [...]
deleteGist(String id) Future<bool>
Deletes the specified Gist. [...]
editGist(String id, {String? description, Map<String, String>? files}) Future<Gist>
Edits a Gist. [...]
forkGist(String id) Future<Gist>
Forks the specified Gist. [...]
getGist(String id) Future<Gist>
Fetches a Gist by the specified id. [...]
isGistStarred(String id) Future<bool>
Checks if the specified Gist is starred. [...]
listComments(String gistId) Stream<GistComment>
Lists all comments for a gist. [...]
listCurrentUserGists() Stream<Gist>
Fetches the gists for the currently authenticated user. If the user is not authenticated, this returns all public gists. [...]
listCurrentUserPublicGists() Stream<Gist>
Fetches the currently authenticated user's public gists. [...]
listCurrentUserStarredGists() Stream<Gist>
Fetches the currently authenticated user's starred gists. [...]
listUserGists(String username) Stream<Gist>
lists gists for a user. [...]
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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starGist(String id) Future<bool>
Star the specified Gist. [...]
toString() String
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unstarGist(String id) Future<bool>
Unstar the specified Gist. [...]


operator ==(Object other) bool
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