registerLazySingleton<T extends Object> abstract method

void registerLazySingleton<T extends Object>(
  1. FactoryFunc<T> factoryFunc,
  2. {String? instanceName,
  3. DisposingFunc<T>? dispose}

registers a type as Singleton by passing a factory function that will be called on the first call of get on that type T type to register factoryFunc factory function for this type instanceName if you provide a value here your factory gets registered with that name instead of a type. This should only be necessary if you need to register more than one instance of one type. registerLazySingleton does not influence allReady however you can wait for and be dependent on a LazySingleton.


void registerLazySingleton<T extends Object>(
  FactoryFunc<T> factoryFunc, {
  String? instanceName,
  DisposingFunc<T>? dispose,