PreventDuplicateHandlingMode enum Null safety

Enables the user to customize the behavior when pushing multiple routes that shouldn't be duplicates



DoNothing → const PreventDuplicateHandlingMode

Simply don't push the new route

const PreventDuplicateHandlingMode(1)
PopUntilOriginalRoute → const PreventDuplicateHandlingMode

Removes the history entries until it reaches the old route

const PreventDuplicateHandlingMode(0)
ReorderRoutes → const PreventDuplicateHandlingMode

Recommended - Moves the old route entry to the front

With this mode, you guarantee there will be only one route entry for each location

const PreventDuplicateHandlingMode(2)
values → const List<PreventDuplicateHandlingMode>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<PreventDuplicateHandlingMode>


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