func_types library

Support for doing something awesome.

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Represents a union type of LEFT and RIGHT. Holds either a LEFT value or a RIGHT value, but never both.
Represents a caught Exception with StackTrace.
Represents a nullable value. Ensures safe handling of nullable values by enforcing the explicit handling of both states of the value. Can have the state of something (some) or nothing (none).
Result<OK, ERR>
Represents an operation which might fail. A safer way to handle operations which might produce a runtime exception. It ensures safety by enforcing the explicit handling of both cases of the operation.


EitherIterable on Iterable<Either<LEFT, RIGHT>>
OptionIterable on Iterable<Option<MAYBE>>
ResultIterable on Iterable<Result<OK, ERR>>
WrapEither on T
WrapOption on MAYBE?
WrapResult on T