Fortress package

Fortress is a package of game development utilities for Dart and Flutter apps. It includes renderers, an extensible game loop, basic UI elements, map generators and more!

Fortress logo

Fortress is specifically for retro-style, grid-based games like roguelikes and Dwarf Fortress clones, but could work for anything tile-based with retro/ASCII pixel graphics. At the moment Fortress is focused on web-based games.

To see a demo of Fortress in action, visit


Fortress is under active development and many of the public APIs will be in flux until the 1.0 version. For some example usage, see example/

This repository also includes the code that powers the Fortress demos. You can find it in web/main.dart and web/demo.

You can find the latest API documentation here.


Fortress was heavily influcenced by the the work of Bob Nystrom, both his writing and his code. Indeed, many parts of Fortress are reimplementations of his work on piecemeal, malison, and his own roguelike Hauberk with my own modifications and enhancements. This was my opportunity to learn more about Dart while exploring more of my gamedev hobby.