Folder File Saver

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This Plugin provides

  • Displays the file that you downloaded in Gallery And Media Player from Url
  • Copy existing file to new Folder extension
  • Create Folder of your File
    • Android Q or higher
      • jpg, png, jpeg = Pictures/appname Pictures
      • mp4 = Videos/appname Videos
      • mp3 = Musisc/appname Musics
      • m4a = Audiobooks/appname Audios
      • any extension = Documents/appname Documents
    • Under Android Q
      • jpg, png, jpeg = appname/Pictures
      • mp4 = appname/Videos
      • mp3 = appname/Musics
      • m4a = appname/Audios
      • any extension = appname/Documents
  • Save file into your custom Directory
  • Download images and resize width and height
  • Open Settings device


You need to add those permissions in AndroidManifest.xml in order the plugin to work

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>


Currently this Plugin not avaible for IOS.

For demo

Getting Started

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