LinuxServerCapabilities class

Represents capabilities, implemented by the Linux notification server.



LinuxServerCapabilities({required Set<String> otherCapabilities, required bool body, required bool bodyHyperlinks, required bool bodyImages, required bool bodyMarkup, required bool iconMulti, required bool iconStatic, required bool persistence, required bool sound, required bool actions, required bool actionIcons})
Constructs an instance of LinuxServerCapabilities


actionIcons bool
Supports using icons instead of text for displaying actions. Using icons for actions must be enabled on a per-notification basis using LinuxNotificationDetails.actionKeyAsIconName.
actions bool
The server will provide the specified actions to the user. Even if this capability is missing, actions may still be specified by the client, however the server is free to ignore them.
body bool
Supports body text. Some implementations may only show the title (for instance, onscreen displays, marquee/scrollers).
The server supports hyperlinks in the notifications.
bodyImages bool
The server supports images in the notifications.
bodyMarkup bool
Supports markup in the body text. The markup is XML-based, and consists of a small subset of HTML along with a few additional tags. For more information, see Desktop Notifications Specification If marked up text is sent to a server that does not give this cap, the markup will show through as regular text so must be stripped clientside.
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iconMulti bool
The server will render an animation of all the frames in a given image array. The client may still specify multiple frames even if this cap and/or iconStatic is missing, however the server is free to ignore them and use only the primary frame.
iconStatic bool
Supports display of exactly 1 frame of any given image array. This value is mutually exclusive with iconMulti, it is a protocol error for the server to specify both.
otherCapabilities Set<String>
Set of unknown capabilities. Vendor-specific capabilities may be specified as long as they start with x-vendor. For example, x-gnome-foo-cap. Capability names must not contain spaces. They are limited to alpha-numeric characters and dashes ("-")
persistence bool
The server supports persistence of notifications. Notifications will be retained until they are acknowledged or removed by the user or recalled by the sender. The presence of this capability allows clients to depend on the server to ensure a notification is seen and eliminate the need for the client to display a reminding function (such as a status icon) of its own.
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sound bool
The server supports sounds on notifications. If returned, the server must support the AssetsLinuxSound, LinuxNotificationDetails.suppressSound and LinuxInitializationSettings.defaultSuppressSound.


copyWith({Set<String>? otherCapabilities, bool? body, bool? bodyHyperlinks, bool? bodyImages, bool? bodyMarkup, bool? iconMulti, bool? iconStatic, bool? persistence, bool? sound, bool? actions, bool? actionIcons}) LinuxServerCapabilities
Creates a copy of this object, but with the given fields replaced with the new values.
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