Generate random noun phrases with an optional token to spice up names in your application.

The library uses a predefined set of attributives and nouns, with some dart-related terms thrown in, but you can manually include some extra terms when generating a string.

Feel free to open a pull request to add new attributives and/or nouns or remove ill-fitting ones :)


A usage example:

import 'package:fluttering_phrases/fluttering_phrases.dart';

void main() {
  const attributives = ['awesome', 'super', 'duper', ...defaultAttributives];
  const nouns = ['parlough', 'example', 'sdk', ...defaultNouns];

  final generatedTitle = generate(
    delimiter: ' | ',
    tokenRadix: 16,
    attributives: attributives,
    nouns: nouns,


Refer to the generate() method documentation and the tests for more information.

Feature Requests and Issues

I'm heavily open to feedback, so let me know of any features you'd like to see or of any issues you have on the issue tracker on GitHub.


Generate random noun phrases with an optional delimiting token with the configurable generate function to create interesting names, ids, or titles.