A Dart package for calculating TF-IDF (Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency) and performing text analysis tasks in Flutter applications.


  • Calculate TF-IDF matrix for a collection of documents
  • Compute cosine similarity and distance between documents
  • Retrieve top terms for a specific document
  • Search documents based on a query
  • Get TF-IDF scores for specific terms and documents
  • Find the highest-scoring document for a given term

Getting Started

Add flutter_tf_idf to your pubspec.yaml:

  flutter_tf_idf: ^1.0.0

Then run:

flutter pub get


import 'package:flutter_tf_idf/flutter_tf_idf.dart';


Create a TfIdf instance with a list of documents:

  var documents = [
    Document('doc1', 'This is a sample document'),
    Document('doc2', 'Another example document'),
    Document('doc3', 'A third document for demonstration'),
  final tfIdf = TfIdf(documents);

Calculate Cosine Similarity:

    double similarity = tfIdf.calculateCosineSimilarity('doc1', 'doc2');
    print('Cosine similarity between doc1 and doc2: $similarity');

Calculate Cosine Distance

    double distance = tfIdf.calculateCosineDistance('doc1', 'doc2');
    print('Cosine distance between doc1 and doc2: $distance');

Get Top Terms for a Document

    List<String> topTerms = tfIdf.getTopTerms('doc1', 5);
    print('Top 5 terms in doc1: $topTerms');

Search Documents

    List<String> searchResults = tfIdf.searchDocuments('first document', 2);
    print('Top 2 documents matching "first document": $searchResults');

Get TF-IDF Score

    double score = tfIdf.getTfIdfScore('document', 'doc2');
    print('TF-IDF score of "document" in doc2: $score');

Get Highest Scoring Document for a Term

    String docId = tfIdf.getHighestScoringDocument('third');
    print('Document with highest score for "third": $docId');

Additional information

For more information on how to use this package, please refer to the API documentation and the example provided in the example/main.dart file.


This package is developed and maintained by Jahangir Jehad.

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