Codec enum Null safety



aacADTS → const Codec

AAC codec in an ADTS container

const Codec(1)
aacMP4 → const Codec

AAC in a MPEG4 container

const Codec(11)
amrNB → const Codec


const Codec(12)
amrWB → const Codec


const Codec(13)
defaultCodec → const Codec

This is the default codec. If used Flutter Sound will use the files extension to guess the codec. If the file extension doesn't match a known codec then Flutter Sound will throw an exception in which case you need pass one of the known codec.

const Codec(0)
flac → const Codec


const Codec(10)
mp3 → const Codec

For those who really insist about supporting MP3. Shame on you !

const Codec(4)
opusCAF → const Codec

Apple encapsulates its bits in its own special envelope .caf instead of a regular ogg/opus (.opus). This is completely stupid, this is Apple.

const Codec(3)
opusOGG → const Codec

OPUS in an OGG container

const Codec(2)
opusWebM → const Codec

Opus with a WebM format

const Codec(17)
pcm8 → const Codec

Raw PCM Linear 8

const Codec(14)
pcm16 → const Codec

Linear 16 PCM, without envelope

const Codec(6)
pcm16AIFF → const Codec

Linear 16 PCM, which is a AIFF file

const Codec(8)
pcm16CAF → const Codec

Linear 16 PCM, which is a CAF file

const Codec(9)
pcm16WAV → const Codec

Linear 16 PCM, which is a Wave file.

const Codec(7)
pcmFloat32 → const Codec

Raw PCM with 32 bits Floating Points

const Codec(15)
pcmWebM → const Codec

PCM with a WebM format

const Codec(16)
values → const List<Codec>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<Codec>
vorbisOGG → const Codec

VORBIS in an OGG container

const Codec(5)
vorbisWebM → const Codec

Vorbis with a WebM format

const Codec(18)


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