FlutterSoundHelper class Null safety

FlutterSoundHelper class is for handleing audio files and buffers. Most of those utilities use FFmpeg, so are not available in the LITE flavor of Flutter Sound.


The factory which returns the Singleton


flutterFFmpeg FlutterSoundFFmpeg?
The Flutter FFmpeg module
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hashCode int
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logger Logger
The FlutterSoundHelper Logger
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convertFile(String? inputFile, Codec? inputCodec, String outputFile, Codec outputCodec) Future<bool>
Convert a sound file to a new format. [...]
duration(String uri) Future<Duration?>
Get the duration of a sound file. [...]
executeFFmpegWithArguments(List<String?> arguments) Future<int?>
A wrapper for the great FFmpeg application. [...]
ffMpegGetMediaInformation(String uri) Future<Map?>
Various informations about the Audio specified by the uri parameter. [...]
getLastFFmpegCommandOutput() Future<String?>
Get the log code output by executeFFmpegWithArguments(). [...]
getLastFFmpegReturnCode() Future<int?>
Get the error code returned by executeFFmpegWithArguments(). [...]
isFFmpegAvailable() Future<bool>
To know during runtime if FFmpeg is linked with the App. [...]
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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pcmToWave({required String inputFile, required String outputFile, int numChannels = 1, int sampleRate = 16000}) Future<void>
Converts a raw PCM file to a WAVE file. [...]
pcmToWaveBuffer({required Uint8List inputBuffer, int numChannels = 1, int sampleRate = 16000}) Future<Uint8List>
Convert a raw PCM buffer to a WAVE buffer. [...]
setLogLevel(Level theNewLogLevel) → void
toString() String
A string representation of this object. [...]
waveToPCM({required String inputFile, required String outputFile}) Future<void>
Convert a WAVE file to a Raw PCM file. [...]
waveToPCMBuffer({required Uint8List inputBuffer}) Uint8List
Convert a WAVE buffer to a Raw PCM buffer. [...]


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