Flutter Sound is a Flutter package allowing you to play and record audio for :

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Flutter Web

Maybe, one day, we will be supported by Linux, Macos, and even (why not) Windows. But this is not top of our priorities.

Flutter Sound provides both a high level API and widgets for:

  • play audio
  • record audio

Flutter Sound can be used to play a beep from an asset all the way up to implementing a complete media player.

The API is designed so you can use the supplied widgets or roll your own.

  • Flutter Sound requires an iOS 10.0 SDK (or later)
  • Flutter Sound requires an Android API level 21 (or later)


The Flutter Sound package includes the following features

  • Play and Record flutter sound or music with various codecs.
  • Play local or remote files specified by their URL.
  • Play assets.
  • Play audio using the built in SoundPlayerUI Widget.
  • Roll your own UI utilising the Flutter Sound api.
  • Record audio using the builtin SoundRecorderUI Widget.
  • Roll your own Recording UI utilising the Flutter Sound api.
  • Support for releasing/resuming resources when the app pauses/resumes.
  • Record to a Dart Stream
  • Playback from a Dart Stream
  • The App playback can be controled from the device lock screen or from an Apple watch


You can find the changes here


The documentation is here


  • Flutter Sound is copyrighted by Dooboolab (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021).

  • Flutter Sound is released under a license with a lesser copyleft clause: the LGPL-V3 license. This means that if you modify some of Flutter Sound code you must publish your modifications under the LGPL license too.

  • Tau React is copyrighted by Canardoux (2021).

  • Tau React is released under a license with a strong copyleft clause : the GPL-V3 license. This means that if you use part or all of Tau React in your App, this App must be published under the GPL-V3 license, too.


τ is a fundamental building block needed by almost every mobile project.

I'm looking to make τ the go to project for Audio with support for each of the Flutter supported platforms and for React Native.

τ is a large and complex project which requires me to maintain multiple hardware platforms and test environments.

I greatly appreciate any contributions to the project which can be as simple as providing feedback on the API or documentation.


Too many projects to manage. I am burning out slowly. If you could help me cheer up, buy me a cup of coffee will make my life really happy and get much energy out of it. As a side effect, we will know that Flutter Sound is important for you, that you appreciate our job and that you can show it with a little money.


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player Main
THE Flutter Sound Player
recorder Main
THE Flutter Sound Recorder
tau Main


ui_controller UI_Widgets
ui_player UI_Widgets
ui_recorder UI_Widgets


enum_helper Utilities
ffmpeg Utilities
helper Utilities
temp_file_system Utilities
wave_header Utilities