public/tau library Main

The Flutter Sound library

Flutter Sound is composed with six main modules/classes

  • FlutterSound. This is the main Flutter Sound module.
  • FlutterSoundPlayer. Everything about the playback functions
  • FlutterSoundRecorder. Everything about the recording functions
  • FlutterSoundHelper. Some utilities to manage audio data. And two modules for the Widget UI
  • SoundPlayerUI
  • SoundRecorderUI


Food is an abstract class which represents objects that can be sent to a player when playing data from astream or received by a recorder when recording to a Dart Stream.
FoodData are the regular objects received from a recorder when recording to a Dart Stream or sent to a player when playing from a Dart Stream
foodEvent is a special kin of food which allows to re-synchronize a stream with a player that play from a Dart Stream


ext → const List<String>
The usual file extensions used for each codecs
validExt → const List<List<String>>
The valid file extensions for each codecs