Flutter SMS Inbox

Flutter android SMS inbox library based on Flutter SMS.


Install the library from pub:

  flutter_sms_inbox: ^1.0.1

Querying SMS messages

Add the import statement for sms and create an instance of the SmsQuery class:

import 'package:flutter_sms_inbox/flutter_sms_inbox.dart';

void main() {
  SmsQuery query = SmsQuery();

Getting all SMS messages

List<SmsMessage> messages = await query.getAllSms;

Filtering SMS messages

The method querySms from the SmsQuery class returns a list of sms depending of the supplied parameters. For example, for querying all the sms messages sent and received write the followed code:

await query.querySms(
    kinds: [SmsQueryKind.inbox, SmsQueryKind.sent],

You can also query all the sms messages sent and received from a specific contact:

await query.querySms(
    address: getContactAddress()