Flutter SMS Inbox

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Flutter android SMS inbox library based on Flutter SMS.


This package in turn uses the permission handler package for permission handling, Permission Handler.

You need to add it to your project:

  permission_handler: ^10.2.0

Querying SMS messages

Add the import statement for sms and create an instance of the SmsQuery class:

import 'package:flutter_sms_inbox/flutter_sms_inbox.dart';

void main() {
  SmsQuery query = SmsQuery();

Getting all SMS messages

List<SmsMessage> messages = await query.getAllSms;

Filtering SMS messages

The method querySms from the SmsQuery class returns a list of sms depending of the supplied parameters. For example, for querying all the sms messages sent and received write the followed code:

await query.querySms(
    kinds: [SmsQueryKind.inbox, SmsQueryKind.sent],

You can also query all the sms messages sent and received from a specific contact:

await query.querySms(
    address: getContactAddress()