video library Null safety


Video plugin for playing HLS stream using native player. autoPlay flag controls whether to start playback as soon as player is ready. To show/hide player controls, use showControls flag. The title and subtitle are used for lock screen info panel on both iOS & Android. The isLiveStream flag is only used on iOS to change the scrub-bar look on lock screen info panel. It has no affect on the actual functionality of the plugin. Defaults to false. Use preferredAudioLanguage to set select HLS manifest language on player init. If the preferredAudioLanguage value changes during widget rebuild, the player would automatically switch to new language. Use position to set start position for player seek bar. Changing position during widget rebuild will make player seek to new position. Use onViewCreated callback to get notified once the underlying PlatformView is setup. The desiredState enum can be used to control play/pause. If the value change, the widget will make sure that player is in sync with the new state. Use textTracks to pass a list of TextTrack sources to the player (optional). This is only used for Android ExoPlayer. For iOS please embed text tracks into the HLS manifest, no more configuration required on iOS side.