flutter_open_chinese_convert bridges OpenCC (開放中文轉換) to your Flutter projects. You can use the package to convert Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese, and vise versa.

The package supports various conversion options:

  • S2T: Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese.
  • T2S: Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese.
  • S2HK: Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong Standard).
  • HK2S: Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong Standard) to Simplified Chinese.
  • S2TW: Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese (Taiwan Standard).
  • TW2S: Traditional Chinese (Taiwan Standard) to Simplified Chinese.
  • S2TWp: Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese (Taiwan Standard) with Taiwanese idiom.
  • TW2Sp: Traditional Chinese (Taiwan Standard) to Simplified Chinese with Mainland Chinese idiom.


All you need to do is to call ChineseConverter.convert with what you wan to convert and a conversion option. For example:

import 'package:flutter_open_chinese_convert/flutter_open_chinese_convert.dart';

var text = '鼠标里面的硅二极管坏了,导致光标分辨率降低。';
var result = await ChineseConverter.convert(text, S2TWp());
// 滑鼠裡面的矽二極體壞了,導致游標解析度降低。

For further information, please visit:

Using flutter_open_chinese_convert with Xcode 12

flutter_open_chinese_convert uses a prebuilt framework OpenCCBridge and a CocoaPods spec for iOS. It seems that Xcode 12 does not automatically embed the frameworks that we use "vendored_frameworks" that we ask Xcode 12 to embed, and you may encounter an error like

dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/OpenCCBridge.framework/OpenCCBridge
Referenced from: /Users/ken/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/BCD237D5-ABBE-4F6E-9C79-506BA06E3B53/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/AF95F373-24A8-4345-A76B-82F98B0D2558/Runner.app/Runner
Reason: image not found

To fix the issue, open your Xcode workspace, and drag OpenCCBridge.framework to your app target, the like following image.



A Flutter plug-in that bridges Open Chinese Converter to your Flutter app,