formatters/formatter_utils library


checkMask(String mask) → void
isCryptoCurrency(String currencyId) bool
Basically it doesn't really check if the currencyId is a crypto currency. It just checks if it's not fiat. I decided not to collect all possible crypto currecies as there's an endless amount of them
isDigit(String? character, {bool positiveOnly = false}) bool
character a character to check if it's a digit against positiveOnly if true it will not allow a minus (dash) character to be accepted as a part of a digit
isFiatCurrency(String currencyId) bool
Checks if currency is fiat
isUnmaskableSymbol(String? symbol) bool
numericStringStartsWithOrphanPeriod(String string) bool
toCurrencyString(String value, {int mantissaLength = 2, ThousandSeparator thousandSeparator = ThousandSeparator.Comma, ShorteningPolicy shorteningPolicy = ShorteningPolicy.NoShortening, String leadingSymbol = '', String trailingSymbol = '', bool useSymbolPadding = false, bool isRawValue = false}) String
isRawValue pass true if you
toNumericString(String? inputString, {bool allowPeriod = false, bool allowHyphen = true, String mantissaSeparator = '.', String? errorText, bool allowAllZeroes = false, int? mantissaLength}) String
errorText if you don't want this method to throw any errors, pass null here allowAllZeroes might be useful e.g. for phone masks
toNumericStringByRegex(String? inputString, {bool allowPeriod = false, bool allowHyphen = true}) String