A plugin for 'flutter_map' providing advanced caching functionality, with ability to download map regions for offline use. Also includes useful prebuilt widgets.

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For the full documentation, visit the website made with GitBook. It also has information about using the example application.
Alternatively, for the API reference, look at the auto generated 'dartdoc', which also appears as you type in your favourite IDE.

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I'm an under-18 currently living in the UK, and I am in full-time education. I work on this project and all of my others in my spare time, and I currently have no stable income due to my age - although I aspire to work in software/mobile development in the future.
If you have any change to spare, I'd be grateful for any amount, big or small :D. Every donation gives me 'mental fuel' to continue this project, and lets me know that I'm doing a good job. I'll be happy to give you a place on the documentation website's credits, and a shoutout in every release/CHANGELOG.

You can read more about me and what I do on my GitHub Sponsors page, where you can donate as well.

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Alternatively, if you prefer not to use GitHub Sponsors, please feel free to use my Ko-fi. Note that the PayPal backend will take a small percentage amount of donations made through this method.


Main import point for 'flutter_map_tile_caching'
Secondary advanced import point for 'flutter_map_tile_caching'