NOTE: Flutter 3.0.0 includes the arm64 dart sdk by default. This package is no longer needed unless you are using older versions of Flutter.

This script replaces Flutter's bundled Dart SDK with the macOS arm64 version

Getting Started

Set up Flutter as normal and run flutter doctor

Install Dart form homebrew:

$ brew tap dart-lang/dart
$ brew install dart

This script nukes Flutter's bundled Dart SDK, so trying to run this script with Flutter's bundled Dart SDK will fail

Use as an executable


$ dart pub global activate flutter_m1_patcher


Run flutterpatch in a terminal

Run with -p to specify the Flutter root path

Additional Information

If things go bad, delete flutter/bin/cache and run flutter doctor. This will reset the bundled Dart SDK to the one shipped with Flutter.

You will need to run flutterpatch after every flutter upgrade