IOSNSUnderlineStyle class Null safety

An iOS-specific Class that represents the constants for the underline style and strikethrough style attribute keys.


hashCode int
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runtimeType Type
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noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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toString() String
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toValue() int


operator ==(Object value) bool
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Static Properties

values Set<IOSNSUnderlineStyle>

Static Methods

fromValue(int? value) IOSNSUnderlineStyle?


BY_WORD → const IOSNSUnderlineStyle
Draw the line only beneath or through words, not whitespace.
const IOSNSUnderlineStyle._internal(32768)
DOUBLE → const IOSNSUnderlineStyle
Draw a double line.
const IOSNSUnderlineStyle._internal(9)
PATTERN_DASH → const IOSNSUnderlineStyle
Draw a line of dashes.
const IOSNSUnderlineStyle._internal(512)
PATTERN_DASH_DOT → const IOSNSUnderlineStyle
Draw a line of alternating dashes and dots.
const IOSNSUnderlineStyle._internal(768)
PATTERN_DASH_DOT_DOT → const IOSNSUnderlineStyle
Draw a line of alternating dashes and two dots.
const IOSNSUnderlineStyle._internal(1024)
PATTERN_DOT → const IOSNSUnderlineStyle
Draw a line of dots.
const IOSNSUnderlineStyle._internal(256)
SINGLE → const IOSNSUnderlineStyle
Draw a single line.
const IOSNSUnderlineStyle._internal(1)
STYLE_NONE → const IOSNSUnderlineStyle
Do not draw a line.
const IOSNSUnderlineStyle._internal(0)
THICK → const IOSNSUnderlineStyle
Draw a thick line.
const IOSNSUnderlineStyle._internal(2)