AndroidLayoutAlgorithm class Null safety

An Android-specific class used to set the underlying layout algorithm.


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toValue() String


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Static Properties

values Set<AndroidLayoutAlgorithm>

Static Methods

fromValue(String? value) AndroidLayoutAlgorithm?


NARROW_COLUMNS → const AndroidLayoutAlgorithm
NARROW_COLUMNS makes all columns no wider than the screen if possible. Only use this for API levels prior to Build.VERSION_CODES.KITKAT.
const AndroidLayoutAlgorithm._internal("NARROW_COLUMNS")
NORMAL → const AndroidLayoutAlgorithm
NORMAL means no rendering changes. This is the recommended choice for maximum compatibility across different platforms and Android versions.
const AndroidLayoutAlgorithm._internal("NORMAL")
TEXT_AUTOSIZING → const AndroidLayoutAlgorithm
TEXT_AUTOSIZING boosts font size of paragraphs based on heuristics to make the text readable when viewing a wide-viewport layout in the overview mode. It is recommended to enable zoom support AndroidInAppWebViewOptions.supportZoom when using this mode. [...]
const AndroidLayoutAlgorithm._internal("TEXT_AUTOSIZING")