AndroidForceDark class Null safety

An Android-specific class used to indicate the force dark mode.

NOTE: available on Android 29+.


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toValue() int


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Static Properties

values Set<AndroidForceDark>

Static Methods

fromValue(int? value) AndroidForceDark?


FORCE_DARK_AUTO → const AndroidForceDark
Enable force dark dependent on the state of the WebView parent view.
const AndroidForceDark._internal(1)
FORCE_DARK_OFF → const AndroidForceDark
Disable force dark, irrespective of the force dark mode of the WebView parent. In this mode, WebView content will always be rendered as-is, regardless of whether native views are being automatically darkened.
const AndroidForceDark._internal(0)
FORCE_DARK_ON → const AndroidForceDark
Unconditionally enable force dark. In this mode WebView content will always be rendered so as to emulate a dark theme.
const AndroidForceDark._internal(2)