Image file related utilities for saving an image as JPEG with the specified quality and size and for getting image properties.


  • Supports Android and iOS.
  • Modern plugin implementation based on Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS).
  • Uses background processing to keep UI responsive.
  • Save an image file as JPEG using the specified JPEG quality.
  • Resize saved image to a given size.
  • Get image width and height.
  • Get image orientation (Android).


Save image as JPEG

final jpegFile = await FlutterImageUtilities.saveAsJpeg(
  sourceFile: File("source_image_file"),
  destinationFilePath: "path/to/dest/file.jpg",
  quality: 60,
  maxWidth: 1920,
  maxHeight: 1080,
  canScaleUp: false);

Get image properties

final imageProperties =
  await FlutterImageUtilities.getImageProperties(File("source_image_file"));