useFuture<T> function

AsyncSnapshot<T> useFuture<T>(
  1. Future<T>? future, {
  2. T? initialData,
  3. bool preserveState = true,

Subscribes to a Future and returns its current state as an AsyncSnapshot.

  • preserveState determines if the current value should be preserved when changing the Future instance.

The Future needs to be created outside of useFuture. If the Future is created inside useFuture, then, every time the build method gets called, the Future will be called again. One way to create the Future outside of useFuture is by using useMemoized.

// BAD

final result = useMemoized(() => fetchFromDatabase());

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AsyncSnapshot<T> useFuture<T>(
  Future<T>? future, {
  T? initialData,
  bool preserveState = true,
}) {
  return use(
      initialData: initialData,
      preserveState: preserveState,