Flutter Foreground Service


Step 1

This plugin expects your application icon to be saved as ic_launcher.png which is the default name.

If you use the package flutter_launcher_icons to generate a new launcher icon, make sure to name the icon ic_launcher.png.

Step 2

Add the plugin to your pubspec.yaml file:

    sdk: flutter
  flutter_foreground_service: ^LATEST_VERSION_HERE

Replace the LATEST_VERSION_HERE the latest version number as stated on this page.

Step 3

Import the package into your project

import 'package:flutter_foreground_service/foreground_service.dart';


Check out the example tab here on pub.dev to view the plugin in action.

In essence, the following line of code will start the foreground service:

await ForegroundService().start();

To stop the service again, use the following line of code:

await ForegroundService().stop();