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An extension package to flutter_data that adds a remote adapter to connect with the firebase realtime database.

Table of Contents

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  • Implements a RemoteAdapter that is able to read and write data from and to a firebase realtime database.
    • Adds the background logic needed for the standard findAll/One, save, delete, ...
  • Adds new streamAll and streamOne methods that can be used to stream realtime changes of data on the server
  • Adds a new transaction method that can be used to run atomic transactions on the server.
  • Adds some value classes for server values:
    • ServerTimestamp: A wrapper around DateTime that can be set to the current server timestamp
    • ServerIncrementable: A wrapper around num that allows you to specified increments that are applied to the current server value.


Simply add flutter_data_firebase_database to your pubspec.yaml and run dart pub get (or flutter pub get). You should also add flutter_data to your dependencies.


Since this is only an extension to flutter_data, you should refer to flutter_data quick start guide. However, there are a few changes you need to do in addition to that tutorial in order to connect with the database. The are as follows:

  1. Let your ApplicationAdapter extend the firebase adapter
  2. Adjust your DataModel

1. Let your ApplicationAdapter extend the firebase adapter

In your ApplicationAdapter, you must mixin on the FirebaseDatabaseAdapter instead of the RemoteAdapter. Also, besides of the baseUrl, you must also provide an idToken:

mixin ApplicationAdapter<T extends DataModel<T>> on FirebaseDatabaseAdapter<T> {
  // you can get the base url of your firebase application from the `databaseURL` value in the firebase config
  String get baseUrl => '<your-firebase-database-url>/path/in/database';

  String get idToken => '<id-token-of-the-currently-logged-in-user>';

2. Adjust your DataModel

Due to limitations of the dart language, even though your ApplicationAdapter is based on the FirebaseDatabaseAdapter it does not get added to the models repository automatically. Instead, you have to specify both. Also, the adapter requires the id of all models to be a string, as the realtime database only works with string keys.

// use both adapters
@DataRepository([FirebaseDatabaseAdapter, ApplicationAdapter])
class Task with DataModel<Task> {
  // this must ALWAYS be a String
  final String? id;

  final String title;
  final bool completed;

  Task({this.id, required this.title, this.completed = false});

And thats it! You can now use the adapter. If you need to use the added methods like streamAll or transaction, you can get a reference to the firebase adapter via myRepository.firebaseDatabaseAdapter.


The documentation is available at https://pub.dev/documentation/flutter_data_firebase_database/latest/. A full example can be found at https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_data_firebase_database/example.