latestReadMsgKey property

String? latestReadMsgKey

latestReadMsgKey is the messages last readed null will be all message is readed If the latestReadMessage is in messages, It mean it should be in current view else it will be not in list. Does the widget show last message tip. Click it will jump to last message But if the last messages is not in current source. unreadMsgButtonBuilder is used to build the button should "Scroll to latest read message" unreadMsgTipBuilder is used to build the tip like "-------------latest read-------------" onLoadMsgsByLatestReadMsgKey if latestReadMessageKey in messages. just jump to to message. If it is not in messages, onLoadMsgsByLatestReadMsgKey will invoke to load. After load, it will also jump to the latest message When user click scroll to latest unread message. The widget will scroll to the unread item to top by offsetFromUnreadTipToTop offset


final String? latestReadMsgKey;