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A package to monitor all your BloC activities. You can monitor things like what events were added in which order. You can see all both the transitions that happened and errors that were thrown.

Basic Usage

The package is quite straightforward to be used. Just create a FlutterBlocMonitorDelegate and pass it to your BlocSupervisor.

void main() {
  BlocSupervisor.delegate = FlutterBlocMonitorDelegate();

Just by doing that and all your BloCs will start to be tracked.

This package expose all the actions, transitions and errors in static variables so you can consume ir anywhere you like.

If you ant to see this kind of information in a nicer way you can navigate to a page that shows these info. To do that just do:

        builder: (_) => FlutterBlocMonitorPage(),


Advanced usage

If you want to do your own kind of stuff when an event, transition and error occur you can pass the callback function to the onEventFunc, onTransitionFunc and onErrorFunc parameters.

void main() {
  BlocSupervisor.delegate = FlutterBlocMonitorDelegate(
    onEventFunc: (bloc, event) => print(event),
    onTransitionFunc: (bloc, transition) => print(transition),
    onErrorFunc: (bloc, error, stacktrace) => print(error),


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Features and Bugs

Please sugest new features and report bugs on issue tracker.