flutter_bactrack library Null safety


BACtrackStatus objects are emitted on the FlutterBactrack.statusStream. Not all states have an associated message. In these cases the message string is empty, it will never be null.
This class provides the main interface to the BACtrack Flutter plugin. It is a singleton so only one instance will ever be created in a Flutter application.


connectToDeviceMethod → const String
connectToNearestBreathalyzerMethod → const String
connectToNearestBreathalyzerWithTimeoutMethod → const String
disconnectMethod → const String
getBreathalyzerBatteryVoltageMethod → const String
getFirmwareVersionMethod → const String
getSerialNumberMethod → const String
getUseCountMethod → const String
initMethod → const String
startCountdownMethod → const String
startScanMethod → const String
stopScanMethod → const String


getFlutterBactrackMethodChannelForTesting() MethodChannel
Allows way to access the private _channel data member for unit testing purposes.


There is one corresponding BACtrackState for each of the methods in the BACtrackAPICallbacks object defined in the BACtrack SDK. These states are named the same as the callback methods minus the BACtrack prefix on each. The only exceptions are: