Flutter Automation

This package contains various automation scripts that will help you automate various aspects of your flutter project.

Pub Package


To use this plugin, add flutter_automation as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Running scripts

From terminal in your flutter project run,

flutter pub pub run flutter_automation --firebase-auth --google-maps --android-sign --firestore-crud

1. Firebase Auth

This sets up firebase authentication with google and email based login automatically in your flutter project. Also copies boilerplate login ui flow using provider package for state management

flutter pub pub run flutter_automation --firebase-auth

2. Google Maps

sets up google maps flutter plugin on android platform in a flutter project.

After you run the script in your flutter project you need to modify android/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml file changing the text YOUR_API_KEY to your actual google maps Api key.

flutter pub pub run flutter_automation --google-maps

3. Android Signing

Generates keystore and sets up android signing config in your flutter project.

It uses keytool to generate keystore so, for this script to work keytool must be in path.

flutter pub pub run flutter_automation --android-sign

4. Firestore CRUD

Provides a simple firestore CRUD operation boilerplate

flutter pub pub run flutter_automation --firestore-crud