A prismic.io integration for Flutter

Getting Started

Flusmic only need the prismic.io endpoint for fetching results.

final flusmic = Flusmic(prismicEndpoint: 'yourendpoint');

By the time, flusmic have only 4 types of fetching:


For general prismic.io API information.

final api = await flusmic.getApi();

Root document

The main document containing all the prismic.io documents.

final result = await flusmic.getRootDocument();

Fetching documents by type

Fetching all the documents by a specific type using the slug.

final result = await flusmic.getDocumentsByType('typeSlug');

Fetching a document by id

Fetching a specific document by the document id

final result = await flusmic.getDocumentById('documentId');

Handling results

All the results (except for the API) returns a Result object. All the documents are stored in results property which, is a List of Documents.

Every document have a data property which is a JsonObject. You can get your json specific info parsing this object. We have pre-defined types to parse the basic prismic structure. Types like image, text, media, etc.

A (easy) way (we think) to use this is with BuiltValue:


Example class:

abstract class Character implements Built<Character, CharacterBuilder> {
    Image get avatar;
    BuiltList<Text> get name;

With that class (and the remaining properties of BuiltValue), we only need to do a parsing for our specific type.

final character = Character.fromJson(json.encode(document.data.value));

We expect to have a better way to do this.


  • Dimension
  • Image
  • Language
  • Media
  • Span
  • Text

In the future

  • X Slices.
  • Complete API properties.
  • Add remaining types.
  • Widgets?